(To the tune of Rudolph) You know eggnog and fruitcake on Christmas morning. Peppermint bark in those shiny new tins. Meatballs and cheese plates and gooey blintzes. But do you recall, your waist size post-holiday party?

Yep, food is a major part of the holiday tradition. But the holidays don’t need to be a time to bulk up like Santa Claus himself. Did you know that we can get into the Christmas spirit and actually burn calories by doing decorating, shopping, and chores?!

Christmas Decorating

Pull out the holly and kettle bells!

  • Burn 144 calories rearranging furniture for 30 minutes.
  • Burn 288 calories by chopping down your own Christmas tree and strapping it to your car.  
  • Burn 90 calories per hour putting garland and lights on your Christmas tree.
  • Burn 48 calories wrapping gifts for 30 minutes.

Christmas Shopping

You’re going to shop ‘til you drop when you look at these numbers.

  • Burn 190 calories carrying shopping bags for 30 minutes.
  • Burn 300 calories walking a leisure pace looking for gifts for for 3 hours.
  • Burn 1,200 calories walking briskly for five hours on the 24th while trying to find the present you forgot.

Christmas Chores

No elf on a shelf here…because you’re too busy cleaning them out!

  • Burn 240 calories sweeping and mopping the floor because your in-laws are visiting.
  • Burn 150 calories preparing your holiday feast in the kitchen for an hour.
  • Burn 138 calories baking Christmas cookies, cakes and pies that Mom will tell you are burned.


Ready, Set…Ho, Ho, Ho!

So Christmas is a calorie burning holiday after all! So cheer up and get into the holiday spirit while wearing those brand new yoga pants you just received.

From our LGF family to yours, have a Merry Christmas!