Lose Weight While You Celebrate

(To the tune of Rudolph) You know eggnog and fruitcake on Christmas morning. Peppermint bark in those shiny new tins. Meatballs and cheese plates and gooey blintzes. But do you recall, your waist size post-holiday party?

Yep, food is a major part of the holiday tradition. But the holidays don’t need to be a time to […]

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Muscle Myth: Bulk vs. Tone?

I want to clear up myth that I have encountered over the years as a personal trainer.  Some women tell me that they don’t want to lift too many weights because they’re concerned that they’ll get “too bulky” or “get weird body builder veins on their arms.”  

This may lead some to do mostly cardio. […]

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3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Belly Fat

Spare tire.  Muffin top.  Beer gut.  Pooch…the only one that sounds remotely pleasant is love handles.  We may have used these words to describe ourselves at one point or another.  I know I have.

The thing is, there may be reasons that you may not have thought of as to why you’re not losing that stomach […]

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